Starting over & Strength

Being strong does not mean that everything that has affected you, meant nothing to you.It is all a learning experience.

Every negative/positive occurrence in one’s life allows us to grow and develop our personality and character to be better than it was before.

That is, unless one chooses not to learn. If we do not learn from our past experiences and hurt, how will we grow?

How will we look past things that might have brought us down? How will we engage with our own self strength so that it inspires us to grow.

If we do not learn, and this situation repeats, then we’ve just dug our own pit that we cannot get out of. In that case we make it a cycle that continuously repeats, until you finally grasp your inner strength to look past everything and start over.

But, starting over doesn’t mean that you just throw away memories and start fresh

Starting over means,I have been through thick and thin, every storm, every battle, and hardship

But Hey, I have come out stronger and better

I have learned

I am who I am today

Because of my ability to grow, develop, and start over.

Chaitranee Jawahir


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