Reflection on beauty, but can beauty even be defined?

What is beauty?

When the sun falls, and the night sky arises to fill the earth with the glory of the stars? The thick scent of night air that is so sweet of life, yet we are asleep to notice the beauty that awakens in the middle of the night.

Is this beauty?

Is beauty inside, or outside? Is it beneath our skin, our wretched minds, and hearts that fill our emptiness when we can no longer see beauty for what it is, but for what the world says it should be?

Should I relieve my guard and open up to a world that is beyond our imagination?

And then there is that option of opening my heart to the beauty of life, the tender touch of love, the way a smile curves, and the beauty of it all.

Can we really truly say what beauty is when we are viewing this world with our eyes half open, our ears not open, our senses just holding back even when we seek that longing of the true meaning of beauty?

But just stop, and look around you. Look at yourself because you are beauty of this world, I am beauty of this world, and this world is just so damn beautiful. The ideas we collect, share, and spread, and the miracles in life.

Do you have that knowledge of beauty? That perception that surrounds you emotionally, physically and mentally. The beautiful truth about the inexcusable view, the plentiful luminous sights, sounds, emotions, and  thoughts about this attraction.

And yet, in all of its essence, the beauty we sense, the beauty we see and cannot see

…it truly is indefinably magnificent.



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