People don’t change.

People don’t change.

I use to cry so much over one person. I use to hurt so much over one person. I was told they would change, they would respect me, they would care, but that change never came. I never met someone who just took the love they received, and never showed it back. Why was I was dependent on someone who never loved, or cared for me, but enjoyed the love and care I was showing them. Was I being used for what I offered? I will never understand the complete truth on what happened, but all I know is that as much as you beg, no one will EVER change for you. People only change for themselves, and if they do not see fit, they have no reason to change themselves even when it comes to the ones they supposedly love. There is no love if there is no respect, care, appreciation, support and more. Don’t be a fool to someone who treats you like crap because you’ll forever be stepped on. If they can treat you bad the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time…common isn’t it obvious? If someone truly cares for you, this mistake wouldn’t repeat it self. Do not let anyone take advantage of the chances you have given them, do not let them take advantage of you. It takes time to heal, but getting out that cycle is worth it. Know your worth. Let this experience make you grow into a wiser person, but not a bitter person. Maybe your own experiences will allow you to see an opportunity to change yourself to be stronger emotionally, and mentally.Image


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