Some thoughts about realization

Sometimes I would blame other people, or even the person who had hurt me. I would hold ontu the memories that had hurt me so much, but didn’t realize that this was the poison that was clouding my mind, and my heart. I needed to let go to be free. I was always blaming my past for what I felt, but the past was left in the past, and what I was feeing were the things I couldn’t let go of. As hard it is, we have to let go of our pain. “Don’t let the ones who do so little for you control your emotions and feelings”. It’s true. Always push yourself to be strong, and never tell yourself you can’t do something, such as being happy! Everyday, constantly remind yourself thing such as, put a smile on your face, it’s not a bad life, just a bad day, and more! It’s so easy to frown, but realize this; how easy it is to just put a smile on your face! Even a forced smile could make you laugh, and even to realize how silly you feel! Keep it up, be strong! I believe in you, and you believe in yourself! Let’s do this. Overcome our pain, and our fears. Let happiness in.



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