The difference of the indifferent

I wrote this to the only man I have ever fallen in love with (I know God will lead me to the right path). He chose the wordly things over my feelings and my love. Just remember how special and great you are. Don’t settle for less…there are people out there who’ll do anything for you and respect how you feel. You matter. Your feelings matter. If you were my friend or my lover I would show you and never let fall. I would not choose the temporary over  someone so special like you. All the best to everyone trying to find true friends and true love. Do not be blind, but see for yourself the actions one may have.

My love, I do not want to lead you to be someone different. I just want you to realize the difference. I want a good man and I know you are truly, but I don’t want the trouble of your coworkers to fool you. We are the friends we keep and I know you aren’t like your coworkers who constantly seek…My baby, my man, the love of my life. I just want the best for you that’s why I sigh..because open your eyes and open your mind, do not walk this world a little blind. Together we can grow to be so strong, I don’t want my baby to be lead by the wrong…of others who don’t see a bigger picture to not be positive all life long..I want your soul to be richer. My love, I don’t want to change you to be someone different, but baby I want you to see the difference of the indifferent.


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