To have, or not to have. What is the answer to our questions.

I’ve always wondered why some things are never good enough. Why do you crave more? What in our minds have made us to want more and more. Why can we not just be satisfied with what we have and what others have and not desire the things of which we cannot obtain…in our lifetime… are we suppose to possess all that we can by sacrificing time and money to those desirable things, moments etc. Who planted this into our minds…is it society? Is it power? What do we try to prove in our lifetime? We have this one life that we know will end one day, and we still tend to focus on the material things. How can we change this? Do we change our mindset? How do we have a mass change of mindsets. How do we change this world, or if we cannot change this world, how can we impact it to love what we have…to cherish what we have in our grasps and not sulk over what we do not. I read that happiness is what we make it from what we have, who we have, and what we can do with both. 
I want to find these answers.
Keep you posted. 



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