A Dark Time

Sometimes I am afraid.

I am afraid to be alone.

I don’t want to endure a specific journey of life by myself. We are told to be strong, but at times I am so weak. 

I find myself lost staring into the dark blank cieling in my room. 

Who am I suppose to be.

I’ve lost people, and a special one, and I’ve lost myself. Wounds are so fresh, I tell myself not to do anything crazy, I tell myself to not drown my feelings. 

I can keep telling myself things, but what I feel conquers over my strength. Is it too early , is this because I’m at the early stages of healing. I can’t help but blame, and keep putting blame

I’m so angry… I know I need to be strong, but all I want to do is SCREAM and CRY, and lay back down into my dark coma of frozen time. 


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