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Outlook of Love

Love? What is love?

Love isn’t held down to one

Is love felt in the same ways for everyone 

Love has no boundaries

Love has no flaws

Love is beautiful

Love is everything

Love is evergoing  

Love is stronger than the battles we face

Love is more pure than the water we taste

Love is something more

Love is something one day I hope we can all understand

Love is impeccable, but we just make it complicated

Love builds strong pillars to hold us down

Love is God

Love is in us all

I hope love always prevails 

And I hope we all understand the beauty of love


Stay blessed

At times I feel stressed 

And at times I’m blessed

I didn’t know these struggles was god putting me through these tests 

There ain’t no other way just try to be strong 

Doesn’t matter whether the journey short or long

We going to make it through sooner or later 

 just got to put our heart mind and souls into it 

 And not to procrasintate for longer


Oceans are moved when you cry. If you look up into the night sky you can see the stars glow bright to support your light. You’re not alone with the pain you feel because everything around you understands in their own way of existence. You are alive just as those are too. You don’t need a heart beat to be heard. Feel in ways you need to because you were meant to be painted with life, painted with tears, a picture to feel, all these moments of our lives.

A Dark Time

Sometimes I am afraid.

I am afraid to be alone.

I don’t want to endure a specific journey of life by myself. We are told to be strong, but at times I am so weak. 

I find myself lost staring into the dark blank cieling in my room. 

Who am I suppose to be.

I’ve lost people, and a special one, and I’ve lost myself. Wounds are so fresh, I tell myself not to do anything crazy, I tell myself to not drown my feelings. 

I can keep telling myself things, but what I feel conquers over my strength. Is it too early , is this because I’m at the early stages of healing. I can’t help but blame, and keep putting blame

I’m so angry… I know I need to be strong, but all I want to do is SCREAM and CRY, and lay back down into my dark coma of frozen time.