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Lyrical Switch up 

If you know black bird by the Beatles then read these words with that melody 🙂 if not go check out the song and come back and read it again ;P 

Someone sleeping in the dead of night
Hoping and dreaming to be free and fly

Always thinking the best of things

And never letting their dreams die

Someone sleeping in the dead of night

Dreaming of the days that went by

Always thinking

Will I be happy or be awake to just survive

They’ll never let their positive dreams die

Someone sleeping in the dead of night

Beside them lay the love of their life

Always thinking

They’re so happy that they won’t let this moment slip by

Always try

Never Let your dreams die

Someone sleeping in the dead of night

By: Inspyah


Stay blessed

At times I feel stressed 

And at times I’m blessed

I didn’t know these struggles was god putting me through these tests 

There ain’t no other way just try to be strong 

Doesn’t matter whether the journey short or long

We going to make it through sooner or later 

 just got to put our heart mind and souls into it 

 And not to procrasintate for longer


Oceans are moved when you cry. If you look up into the night sky you can see the stars glow bright to support your light. You’re not alone with the pain you feel because everything around you understands in their own way of existence. You are alive just as those are too. You don’t need a heart beat to be heard. Feel in ways you need to because you were meant to be painted with life, painted with tears, a picture to feel, all these moments of our lives.

The difference of the indifferent

difference of the indifferent

I can get up

I can’t get up.
My sorrows are so heavy that I’m not so tough.
How did I get to be like this?
All I want to be is lifted, & all I wanted was bliss.
I can’t stand this feeling anymore.
I want to be free, and I want to do me!
I’m breaking my chains that keep me grounded.
Nothing will stop me now because today is my day.
I will no longer be bounded…
To the sorrows that keep me in jail &
To everyone who said I would fail!
I am free, & I am me.
I will succeed , just wait & see.
I can get up.
My sorrows are not so heavy .
I am to live this one life I have, and nothing can stop me.
I have learnt that life is filled with ups & downs, but keep your head held high with a beautiful crown.
Just take that first step & trust in oneself because one day you’ll look back & be so happy you took the time to invest in yourself
I am free, & I am me.
I will succeed , just wait & see.

The difference of the indifferent

I wrote this to the only man I have ever fallen in love with (I know God will lead me to the right path). He chose the wordly things over my feelings and my love. Just remember how special and great you are. Don’t settle for less…there are people out there who’ll do anything for you and respect how you feel. You matter. Your feelings matter. If you were my friend or my lover I would show you and never let fall. I would not choose the temporary over  someone so special like you. All the best to everyone trying to find true friends and true love. Do not be blind, but see for yourself the actions one may have.

My love, I do not want to lead you to be someone different. I just want you to realize the difference. I want a good man and I know you are truly, but I don’t want the trouble of your coworkers to fool you. We are the friends we keep and I know you aren’t like your coworkers who constantly seek…My baby, my man, the love of my life. I just want the best for you that’s why I sigh..because open your eyes and open your mind, do not walk this world a little blind. Together we can grow to be so strong, I don’t want my baby to be lead by the wrong…of others who don’t see a bigger picture to not be positive all life long..I want your soul to be richer. My love, I don’t want to change you to be someone different, but baby I want you to see the difference of the indifferent.

Constantly Saving Me

I find myself pulled into a dark hole

So strong, can’t grasp my own hold

So painful yet so quick 

Constant reminders tick……tick tick🕔🕙🕖

There you are 

standing with your love stretched out

Hold me close quick…… quick quick

Your soul reaches out to me 

I’m on a ship where I’m lost at sea

The dark feeling goes away 1……….2,3

I am saved, I am free

Because there you are

Constantly saving me

Standing there for me to see

Even through it all

Even through the darkness there is good.
Even through the darkness there is light.
Even through the darkness there is hope.
Even through the darkness there is strength.
Even through the darkness there is courage.
Even through the darkness there is faith.

Moral of the story, even through the darkness, even through it all, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up. Even though it may seem like it is the best thing to do, don’t do it. Have that strength to carry on.

Tasteless Soul

Tasteless soul drawn from the empty skies, drawn from the sorrowful midst of fog.  Drawn to escape the night of curse, to be free from the latch that darkness brings. Oh, tasteless soul how empty is your lantern to guide your way through the night. Traveller of the weak minded, traveller who has given in. Tasteless wisdom in a bite of your tongue, reveal your weakness for you will succumb. How sad, how dark will your nights be with all that has left but, your beautiful wreck. clouds dark night moon 4000x2667 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_54


As I lay in bed on my side, I gripped both my hands together realizing,

I’m not alone. I have me.

I have myself, and that’s all I ever needed to be strong was me.

And It felt so good to just lay knowing my inner self, and inner strength.

All along it was just me.

Light to the darkness



Shard of glass punctured my soul. Deep within my heart, I have nothing but a hole.

Searching for a way out, like a teardrop withering from my face. It escapes; the tear escapes its confinement. Can this really be out of control? The pain it’s surreal. What is this misery that has found its path to my mind and my way of life. This isn’t me, this is death of the heart and the soul, release me from this, to find my goals.

My way is clouded by the thoughts that confine me to the negativity. Darkness feels safe, but oh does it feel wonderful to feel its embrace. Have I gone over, is it to late now? Pull me out; I’m trying my hardest to pull myself out of the dark.

Drawing toward the light, Oh light brighten my soul, and please brighten my life. Warmth spreads through my mind, and my body radiates the sunlight. Oh, does it shine, taking its beautiful time

I’m out, I’m out. The shard is out, and my heart is safe from the hate of my own mind.

How dare I stray? Curse these feelings that found its way. I’m free from hate. I’m free from it all. I can live and see myself breaking these walls.

I forgive my heart, my mind and my soul. Lets be stronger and feel our own control.

Do you have what it takes to make your heart whole

Live in your own freedom, and fill your own soul.

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