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Push Yourself

We get upset about how life is turning out, but forget

we hold the key to

turn things roundwp-1488515169434.png
Feeling upset? canva-arrow-mab5nccl-pw Change how you feel.

You feel like things aren’t getting done? canva-arrow-mab5nccl-pw Maybe it isn’t so pick yourself up, and do something about it.

Stuck on a problem? canva-arrow-mab5nccl-pw Set goals, make a routine, write down steps, don’t give up.

Can’t think straight?
canva-arrow-mab5nccl-pw Take a shower, take a walk, take a break.


34093-20034093-200Don’t burn yourself out. Don’t over do things. 34093-20034093-200

It may seem hard to do all this..to pick yourself up when you feel your lowest.
I know it can be hard, but at least try.
You’re worth it.
Tell yourself you’re worth it.
Don’t give up on yourself even when you feel like the entire world has given up on you.


To have, or not to have. What is the answer to our questions.

I’ve always wondered why some things are never good enough. Why do you crave more? What in our minds have made us to want more and more. Why can we not just be satisfied with what we have and what others have and not desire the things of which we cannot obtain…in our lifetime… are we suppose to possess all that we can by sacrificing time and money to those desirable things, moments etc. Who planted this into our minds…is it society? Is it power? What do we try to prove in our lifetime? We have this one life that we know will end one day, and we still tend to focus on the material things. How can we change this? Do we change our mindset? How do we have a mass change of mindsets. How do we change this world, or if we cannot change this world, how can we impact it to love what we have…to cherish what we have in our grasps and not sulk over what we do not. I read that happiness is what we make it from what we have, who we have, and what we can do with both. 
I want to find these answers.
Keep you posted. 


What have we done?

What have we done?

All of social media is clouded in the darks with sexual content, the stripping of females, and just preposterous things.…things that our own society accepts? Is this what our generation, and generations to come will receive and communiate? Females! Do not fear a lack of attention because stripping down does not make us prettier, it does prove anything, but show the world your temple, your body. The people watching you will not love you for you, but for your body. The wrong doing will attract the wrong attention, and the wrong people. What will you say in 20 years when you look back? Where is the strength to not conform to the sexual image of society. Is this what our female generations have turned to? Nothing but a object, a tool, enterainment for men? Some say it’s a man’s world, but look at what drags a man to his own addictions, and knees, and pain…females. We’re empowering this world in the wrong ways. How can a twerking video, a porn video, a stripping video, a DEGRADING video maintain millions of views, but when there are issues in this world, everyone turns a blind eye to them?

What have we done?

A world full of sexual content, a world that is divided, a world so unequal that our stubbornness, and our own intelligence cannot break through this dilemma, but we encourage it. Women fought hard to be equal in the western world. Is this what we’ve done, fought to be equal, but to just degrade ourselves? How powerful are we when we can only bring a man down to his own sexual desires and not power a world of young females to strive for the better, and strive for more than they can ever achieve. What has society done. Our own peers. Our own children. Our own family. Our own people of this earth. Future generations.

What have we done?


Just a thought. Keeping inspired and keeping motivated.

This age, day, generation and our own people. These days our own powerful and strong-minded women are focused on the outer looks. Wait, I’m talking crazy! Because it’s not just women, it’s our men too. But, it cuts deep for a female who’s society sexually objectifies her, social media abuses her mind, and tells her what she should do to look a certain way. Our skin, our hair, our body parts, our looks, but who are we empowering from this. What do our looks do? I don’t mean to attack, but I know that an impression is great but when you look at yourself, and you tell yourself you aren’t that good!!? Who the ??? Who YOU ain’t good for? No one deserves someone like you if they want you to look a certain way, dress a certain way, etc. Our looks do not define us. Our body does not define us. OUR MIND, oh my GOD, our mind and our knowledge. We can empower so much people, we can empower this world to push for a change, a change we believe in. I just find it crazy even sometimes I struggle because I get ready, and I constantly look at myself, and ask myself, “do I look good enough to go out there?” Its crazy, it happens, and its life? Nah it isn’t life because it is just THOUGHTS that can be altered. Looks are nothing because when we strip away the makeup, the clothes, and the cover, what are you left with when your mind isn’t being occupied with positive thoughts and knowledge. We have to keep pushing to be inspired and I’m not talking about people inspiring us. We need to inspire ourselves to not focus on the flesh because our flesh will fail us, our spirit, our mind, our soul will not, and GOD will never fail you. But if you ever do fail yourself, get your ass UP, and continue ’cause only you can make your happiness happen. Happiness comes from within and not the outward aspects of life.


Be inspired