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Power of Love

Love? What is love?

Love is kind, love is sharing

Is love felt in the way everyone feels?

Love has no boundaries

Love has no flaws

Love is beautiful

Love is evergoing 

Love is stronger than the battles we face

Love is more pure than the water we taste

Love is something more… something one day I hope we can understand 

Love is impecible

Love is so incredible it heals a broken heart, and fills you with immense feelings of happiness

Love builds

Love builds strong pillars to hold us down

Love is God

Love is in us all

I hope love always prevails 

And I hope we all understand the power of love


Like a Bird


Actor/ Model/ Hip-Hop Artist

Toronto, Canada
1f525Check out Isaiah William’s debut track + video >> The Motto <<1f525
Isaiah Williams is just 19 years old, and chasing his dreams! He is an Actor, Model, and Music Artist. He was raised outside of the Down-Town Toronto Area. Isaiah’s motto is that he doesn’t want to work hard for just the money, but he has the passion, and love for music. Isaiah Williams isn’t new to the music, and acting scene! When he was younger, he was in commercials for big companies, such as Coco-Cola, and Huggies.
His genre of music is hip-hop, and rap with a little bit of R&B. Mr. Williams willbe working on a more flavourful upbeat mix-tape with all kinds of radio, and party music. STAY TUNED. The #1 artist that inspires Isaiah Williams is Drake because of their similar childhood. Drake helps youth grow towards their dream, and Isaiah respects that, which motivates him even more to get out there to follow his dreams.12899473_10154119312161340_1499827085_o            Isaiah Williams says, “Chasing your dream is fun. It puts fire in your heart because you realize how bad you want something that hasn’t happened for you yet, but dreams do come true, and there will always be haters trying to stop you. They will try, and bring you down, but you have to hold your head high, and keep going.” He wants to inspire other youth as well, He wants to show them that no matter where, or how you grew up (rich, or poor), it just takes effort to meet the right people, and end up in the right places.

He says, “you have to be careful nowadays when it comes to who you call your friends, but I love my family to the moon and back, and they’re  my biggest inspiration in everything I do.”

Everyone has there personal issues and personal struggles, whether it’s school, work, friends, haters or financial. He’s learnt as he’s matured, and realized that no matter what stresses him, the show must go on. “You have to flick that dirt off your sh
oulders, and hold a great big smile across your face.”

Isaiah Williams has learnt to eliminate toxic people from his life, and kept busy, which made him more productive. “Not everybody will believe in you at first, even some of my own family members told me I wasn’t good enough to succeed in the music/acting industry. I can tell you their answers changed when they seen me start to make moves.”

His goals are to pursue his music, and acting career. He wants to inspire youth by going to their middle, and high-schools to talk about confidence, ambition, and giving back to the community since he will be doing that.

Isaiah Williams advice –> “Patience is key, and nothing happens over night.”


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Twitter: @ISAIAHXWILLIAMS twitter-128
IG: __ISAIAHWILLIAMS  instagram-app-icon-250x250

Who said?

Who said you couldn’t do it?

You are capable of doing anything. Put your all and all into something. Do not fear. Things are not easy at first, but will be easier in the end. Never let anyone crush your dreams, and goals. Don’t give up. You can do this. There will be people who won’t support you. There will be people out there who will ridicule you, and bring toxic words, and thoughts into your mind. Be strong. You are capable. You are strong.

Who said you couldn’t do it? Let’s prove them wrong.

Do not over-TAC (Think, Assume, Compare)

Everything is so different when you’re dating someone new. I was in a relationship for 5 years and we became so close that even the silence was beautiful together. We couldnt pull through , and didn’t work out. Very heart breaking to know that after all the years loving this one person, the love just couldn’t continue. I’m dating an amazing man now, but I find it very difficult. I find myself comparing at times, and I wish I didn’t. They are two different individuals with different thinking , emotions, and more. At times I find myself anxious and nervous because I feel as though I am boring my boyfriend. I don’t know how he feels when we are silent also. Our relationship hasn’t been that long, and I’m fearing about these small things. I’d have to take my small deep breathes, and realize with patience and time, our love will grow stronger. I was worrying about things I couldn’t control , such as the silence, days we didn’t have much to do , and more. remember this quote “you don’t miss the water until the well runs dry”. I realized that my boyfriend does make me happy, and if we are doing amazing so just imagine what months, and years down the line will bring.

Do not over assume, over think, and compare. It brings a negative mind, and toxcity to your thoughts.

Have a clear mind. Focus on the nows. You don’t know what you have till its gone, but you knew exactly what you had, and just took it for granted.

As everyone has heard of this quote “live as though it is your last days” so you should love as though it is your last days.

Ocams Razor. Keep it simple stupid.

Do not over-TAC (Think, Assume, Compare)

Getting bullied, beauty,and staying strong

I remember growing up it was really painful. Painful experiences. Not everyone I met in my life was nice to me. Society is strange. We have to look a certain way to be accepted. I did certainly not look that certain way, and nor did I care especially when I was a young child in elementary, middle, and high school. I always got teased about something. I felt as though people were always out to get me. If it wasn’t one thing, it would be something, anything, and damn was it annoying. My confidence fell. Insecurities built up into my soul. I was emotionally wrecked. I felt alone. I felt scared. I felt ugly inside, and out. Classmates, my own friends, teachers, and random students in the school would bully me about my looks. The thing that kept me from going insane was telling myself…”Hey…this won’t last. They won’t have control over me…and this is just a bad day, not a bad life”. I always thought I had like some ugly duckling turning into a swan situation of life, but it’s people. People can be cruel, disgusting, hateful, and insecure themselves. I was a beautiful kid with a huge heart. I will never change my heart. I always want to remain the same. I wasn’t ugly, it was media. I just would tell myself, I forgive you all…I was probably 16 when everything changed. I had the people who made fun of me, start to talk to me. I was extremely hateful. I hated those people. I thought they were so fake. I didn’t want them in my life. I thought that…if they couldn’t accept me before so why are you accepting me now. I didn’t think they were worth my time at all because I was never worth theirs. Growing up with all these experiences, and now having the unwanted attention of men and women… I didn’t like it at all. All this attention doesn’t make me feel good about myself. I feel good about myself because I make myself feel great. I am confident in myself, and don’t need people to make me feel low, or high about anything. Forgiveness is key (If you do not forgive, it is like drinking your own poison that infects and kills your soul slowly). I forgave. I learnt, and moved on. There’s a quote from the bible…”Dust you are, and dust you shall return”. We all will die and have the same gravestones. Get what I mean? You can dress up, look great, have all the things in the world, but guess what..we all end up in the same place. Stay humble. stay compassionate. Don’t hurt others in order to get them to feel your pain. Don’t fall to peer pressure to become a mean girl/boy, bully, or anything. Always, ALWAYS, put yourself in others shoes because if you realize what you’re doing may not be the right thing if it was happening to you, than it won’t be for others.

I wish this world could just love each other. I wish there wasn’t hate, and cruel issues among us. The real fact is that there will always be these issues, and there will always be those people who won’t be nice to you, but do not join them and become one of them. Be different. Be you. Brush aside comments. They do not have control over how you feel. Like the movie the Revenant says “Leave revenge up to the creator”. BTW go watch that movie it’s amazing.


Start 2016 with knowing your circle

2016. 2016 just happened, and I had felt like I lost so much in this small amount of time. Confusion, betrayal, hurt, pain, but forgiveness. I don’t have much friends, but understand this…you do not need the world of friends! People will let you down. This is something to remember, and always keep in mind. Man=humans=DISAPPOINTMENT. Last year and now, I have lost a lot of people I had been close to. There comes a time in your life where you have to re-evaluate who is in your life. Who is using you for your positive kind warm heart, and who is so miserable their toxicity just drains you. Does someone only contact you when they need something? Does your friends abandon you in times of despair? Do your friends just use you for support, but do not do the same for you? Who is in your circle? I’ll tell you this though. Find some friends that love and care for you. Find friends who would be that shoulder to cry on, and not laugh at your pain. Find friends who respect every level of your being. You need friends that have ambition, goals, and are going somewhere. If your friend is constantly nagging you about their “crappy” life, then that will get to you. You’ll start to think your life is also crap. ENERGY IS TRANSFERABLE= ENERGY IS CONTAGIOUS. Hang with the happy crowd. Talk to someone who inspires you, pushes you, loves you, cares for you.

Take 2016 to be a year of beautiful memories to be made with beautiful people. Don’t you deserve to be happy? Don’t you deserve to have amazing people in your life..because you’re amazing and never settle for less. If someone hurts you, let them go. The best revenge is to destroy them with a smile. Don’t let peoples negative actions impact you.

Know who’s around you, and know your circle.

Think about it.

Some days you’ll be so happy, and some days you’ll be questioning everything. Essentially some days are good, and some days may seem so bad. The beauty of it all is that even if you may seem like the world is crashing down, take a few deep breathes and try to feel a sense of peace. Once you think about everything that you cherish, and that makes you happy (even the smallest littlest things, moments, and people) everything is actually alright, and will be fine. It isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen and just remember everything you go through is a life experience that makes you grow. Let experiences make you better not bitter. Always strive to be positive because our negative thoughts are our comfort zones. We are so use to thinking negative outcomes and situations that we don’t realize we can change our way of thinking. Always think about the best even in the hardest times because you are your own drive to a better you, and a better way of life. Happiness is key. Happiness is what we should all aim for. If you feel like you are in your darkest days switch those thoughts around. Find the light in your life whether it be god, a lover, an activity, a TV series, and more! Never give up. Talk to someone about it. Energy is transferable so maybe it can be the people you are around. It’s a lifestyle change that everyone should think about. A positive way of life is a happy way of life.

Think about it.

Even through it all

Even through the darkness there is good.
Even through the darkness there is light.
Even through the darkness there is hope.
Even through the darkness there is strength.
Even through the darkness there is courage.
Even through the darkness there is faith.

Moral of the story, even through the darkness, even through it all, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up. Even though it may seem like it is the best thing to do, don’t do it. Have that strength to carry on.

Some thoughts about realization

Sometimes I would blame other people, or even the person who had hurt me. I would hold ontu the memories that had hurt me so much, but didn’t realize that this was the poison that was clouding my mind, and my heart. I needed to let go to be free. I was always blaming my past for what I felt, but the past was left in the past, and what I was feeing were the things I couldn’t let go of. As hard it is, we have to let go of our pain. “Don’t let the ones who do so little for you control your emotions and feelings”. It’s true. Always push yourself to be strong, and never tell yourself you can’t do something, such as being happy! Everyday, constantly remind yourself thing such as, put a smile on your face, it’s not a bad life, just a bad day, and more! It’s so easy to frown, but realize this; how easy it is to just put a smile on your face! Even a forced smile could make you laugh, and even to realize how silly you feel! Keep it up, be strong! I believe in you, and you believe in yourself! Let’s do this. Overcome our pain, and our fears. Let happiness in.


People don’t change.

People don’t change.

I use to cry so much over one person. I use to hurt so much over one person. I was told they would change, they would respect me, they would care, but that change never came. I never met someone who just took the love they received, and never showed it back. Why was I was dependent on someone who never loved, or cared for me, but enjoyed the love and care I was showing them. Was I being used for what I offered? I will never understand the complete truth on what happened, but all I know is that as much as you beg, no one will EVER change for you. People only change for themselves, and if they do not see fit, they have no reason to change themselves even when it comes to the ones they supposedly love. There is no love if there is no respect, care, appreciation, support and more. Don’t be a fool to someone who treats you like crap because you’ll forever be stepped on. If they can treat you bad the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time…common isn’t it obvious? If someone truly cares for you, this mistake wouldn’t repeat it self. Do not let anyone take advantage of the chances you have given them, do not let them take advantage of you. It takes time to heal, but getting out that cycle is worth it. Know your worth. Let this experience make you grow into a wiser person, but not a bitter person. Maybe your own experiences will allow you to see an opportunity to change yourself to be stronger emotionally, and mentally.Image

Find love within

Love is what drives us to happiness, to insanity, to laughter, and to madness. Is this love for life, or is it for temporary pleasure purposes for ones own greedy heart. Is this love for our own self, or to spread love to another. How can we love when
we want love for our own self? 
How do you even feel love? Do we even know? Heart-ache: is it worth the time?

Is there a love out there that does not pain, a love out there that does not lack in any elements.

Seek what we love, but our love seeks and lacks in many aspects.

To conquer love is to conquer ourselves. To love our own-self, to trust our own self, and then you must share with your own self this love in order to obtain happiness and a deep connection of love with another. To find love is to discover your own heart

Discover what fills your heart, but emptiness will find your heart, if you seek love. We should not seek from another, but ourselves, and then our heart will beat louder, and everything will come to pass. Your drive to madness will ease because happiness will fill your beautiful heart. Then you won’t wonder, but accept what everyones saying, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Because self-love is forever. Self-love is strong. No more seeking, no more dreaming, find the love that is hidden in the shadows of your heart. Expand upon the meaning of your love, expand upon the beauty of your heart.

Expand upon yourself, your aspects and elements of your love, and happiness. Image

Discover your love, and fill your own heart.

Just a thought. Keeping inspired and keeping motivated.

This age, day, generation and our own people. These days our own powerful and strong-minded women are focused on the outer looks. Wait, I’m talking crazy! Because it’s not just women, it’s our men too. But, it cuts deep for a female who’s society sexually objectifies her, social media abuses her mind, and tells her what she should do to look a certain way. Our skin, our hair, our body parts, our looks, but who are we empowering from this. What do our looks do? I don’t mean to attack, but I know that an impression is great but when you look at yourself, and you tell yourself you aren’t that good!!? Who the ??? Who YOU ain’t good for? No one deserves someone like you if they want you to look a certain way, dress a certain way, etc. Our looks do not define us. Our body does not define us. OUR MIND, oh my GOD, our mind and our knowledge. We can empower so much people, we can empower this world to push for a change, a change we believe in. I just find it crazy even sometimes I struggle because I get ready, and I constantly look at myself, and ask myself, “do I look good enough to go out there?” Its crazy, it happens, and its life? Nah it isn’t life because it is just THOUGHTS that can be altered. Looks are nothing because when we strip away the makeup, the clothes, and the cover, what are you left with when your mind isn’t being occupied with positive thoughts and knowledge. We have to keep pushing to be inspired and I’m not talking about people inspiring us. We need to inspire ourselves to not focus on the flesh because our flesh will fail us, our spirit, our mind, our soul will not, and GOD will never fail you. But if you ever do fail yourself, get your ass UP, and continue ’cause only you can make your happiness happen. Happiness comes from within and not the outward aspects of life.


Be inspired

Starting over & Strength

Being strong does not mean that everything that has affected you, meant nothing to you.It is all a learning experience.

Every negative/positive occurrence in one’s life allows us to grow and develop our personality and character to be better than it was before.

That is, unless one chooses not to learn. If we do not learn from our past experiences and hurt, how will we grow?

How will we look past things that might have brought us down? How will we engage with our own self strength so that it inspires us to grow.

If we do not learn, and this situation repeats, then we’ve just dug our own pit that we cannot get out of. In that case we make it a cycle that continuously repeats, until you finally grasp your inner strength to look past everything and start over.

But, starting over doesn’t mean that you just throw away memories and start fresh

Starting over means,I have been through thick and thin, every storm, every battle, and hardship

But Hey, I have come out stronger and better

I have learned

I am who I am today

Because of my ability to grow, develop, and start over.

Chaitranee Jawahir